Reverse a string without using REVERSE() function in SQL

Functions are created for to do a specific task in any language. eg: REVERSE() function (as its name suggests) reverses a string’s value. Every function have some logic behind that. Sometimes interviewer asked this question "Reverse a string without using REVERSE() function in sql or other language?". Find below code for String reverse without using T-SQL function.

301 Redirect in different languages

It is very easy to just Redirect user to another page in different types of languages eg:,php,java etc. But sometimes we need to redirect user to another page with Status Code 301. What is 301 redirect? 301 redirect means permanent redirect from one URL to the other. 301 redirect gives beneficial of SEO, by this your website ranking will not effected.

Function vs Stored Procedure in SQL

What is the different between Stored Procedure and Function?. This is the important question which asked in interview most of the time. We are going to share top 10 differences of Stored Procedure and Function.