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Classic ASP vs Asp Dotnet

ASP stands for Active Server Pages, it is used for creating dynamic website with HTML and scripting language. Asp.net replaced classic ASP because of it's benefits. In this article we are going to discussing about differences of ASP and ASP.NET which is asked most of the time in interview question.

Differences Between Classic ASP And ASP.NET

1. ASP is interpreted, ASP.NET is compiled.  

2. ASP has single page for html and coding part where in asp.net html and coding part are separated by code behind files. 

3. ASP.NET purely object oriented whereas ASP is not object oriented. 

4. In ASP has no support for XML whereas in ASP.NET full XML Support for easy data exchange.

5. Development and debugging tool are less in ASP. It's difficult to debug the code In ASP. Various tools and compiler available in Asp.net.